All-In-One driving school is a highly experienced and very affordable Woodbridge, VA driving school. We teach hundreds of teens and adults every year.
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Our driving packages help new or inexperienced drivers earn a driver’s license. Our sessions are built to accommodate the unique requirements of every student, and the lessons will adjust depending on the actual progress demonstrated by the student. Led by our professional and experienced instructors, these sessions deliver safe, confident, informed, and patient drivers to American roads. Students learn the best Defensive Driving education and the requirements to pass the road test administered by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Over 90% of our students get their license on the first try! Regardless of whether you prefer 5 or 10 hours or more of instruction, you can be sure that our courteous, experienced, and patient instructors will help you succeed at your driving goals.

*For pick-up/drop-off sessions, any time beyond 10 minutes driving distance from our location will be deducted from the lesson time

*Students intending to complete the 7 sessions for a license package with All-In-One Driving School MUST have completed 36 hours of in-classroom instruction previously. All-In-One Driving School provides behind-the-wheel instruction exclusively. Please call and ask if you have any questions on this statewide requirement.

**Students are allowed to use a All-In-One Driving School vehicle for their road test following successful completion of a mock road test administered by one of our instructors.

We offer the following teen road and adult driving packages.


Behind the wheel package: (Teen Packages)

  • 7 Sessions of driving 50 min each and 7 session of observation : $250
  • One on One personal session is 45$/Hour
  • 7 Hours one on one session for behind the wheel is 300$

Adult Packages

  • (DMV) Re-Examination Course for 3 time Test failures $250
  • 10 Hours Package $380.00
  • 7 Hours Package $270.00
  • Less then 5 hours $40.00/Hour
  • Road Test Service $100.00
  • DTS-D (Waiver certificate) – For clients who don’t want to take their road test at DMV, and have a completion certificate of 36 hours of in-class driver education, we offer 7 lessons behind the wheel that provides you with DTS-D, a waiver that helps you receive your license without taking the road test at DMV. $270.00. (NOTE: Drivers MUST have completed 36 hours of classroom lessons previously. All-in-one driving school provides behind-the-wheel lessons only.)
  • Road Service includes pickup and drop-off and use of our car.



NOW you can earn money by telling other people about us. After completing our behind the wheel, you can refer a friend and if he joins he gets a $10 discount and you get $10.


I’ve searched for driving schools around my area. All-in-one Driving school was the one I finally picked. Of all driving instructors I’ve contacted, Mr. Gul was the most attentive and responsive. And I was right to pick him. He was so nice and patient. While I was driving, with him sitting beside me reduced my nervousness. That’s when you can really learn to drive confidently!

Amber H.
Falls Church, VA

I have completed a 10hrs session with All in One Driving School and at the end of my 15days of Behind the Wheels Education I finally had my Driver’s License. My instructor Gul was very competent, calm and taught me everything I should know to be a responsible driver. I must say that I can give . Highly recommended

Jizl P.
Lorton, VA

I have experience with another driving school. All in One driving school is far superior. The instructor is professional and coordinates the schedule for each student well. He informs you in advance if he will be a few minutes late or not.

As for the driving instructions, he is calm and prepares you for each maneuver by detailing each step before you attempt it. In comparison, for part of my lesson the instructor at a different school just had me continuously park and pull out from a parking spot without telling me the steps to ensure I make a correct turn or park straight. I highly recommend All in One.

Mel W.
Alexandria, VA

I got behind the wheel training from All in One Driving School. I found highly professional , competent and kind intructor, who gives training with real concentration and eliminate your weaknesses and prepare u a good future driver.

Sunil G.
Woodbridge, VA

I had already tried two other instructors. Both of them did not teach me well. One guy asked me fee at the first day and I gave him all but after that day, he never received my call.

I got no of allinonedrivingschool from google and contacted him in weekend. I met him and I was impressed by his training style. He is the real instructor. He not only teaches how to pass DMV but also instructs what different situations we might face while driving and how to tackle it.
I got chance to compare three instructor and I can say that he is the genuine instructor.

Yadab K.
King of Prussia, PA
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